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I am one of those quirky Bulleteers who spend more money on their thumpers than on their wives. Being a bachelor does make the job a lot easier. However I have never being shy of trying out new things on my royal ride. Since the time I got my own bullet, I have steadily experimented with mods.

Mind you these are not mods that aim to change the look of Bullet and make it a “HARDLY Davidson”. No thank you. I very much love the old style charm of Royal Enfield. These are mods that aim to get the best out of your Enfield so that you can break a leg with your ride without literally breaking your leg starting it.

So in the interest of the “Bullet brotherhood”, I am sharing my list of mods that have actually made my Bullet experience better. Please do feel free to post in the comments section any products that you feel deserve mentioning in my list.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Moxi adjustable lever for Royal Enfield Bullet review

Adjustable Moxi levers for Royal Enfield Bullet review
Adjustable Moxi levers for Royal Enfield Bullet
Frankly I am not quite sure whether I should review this product or not. The main reason for my confusion is that I have returned this product and have gone back to my stock levers. However why I continue to write about it is because firstly I want to share the challenges I faced using this product and secondly, I am actually fascinated by the idea behind the product. It is the simplest of the things which most motorcycle manufacturers don't think about. The levers in almost all the motorcycles come in one size. However people's hand do not. I have fairly large hands and I feel a slight stretch when I pull my clutch lever. Thus it is a fair assumption that people who have small hands, would feel uncomfortable using the levers on Enfield. So when I saw this product I had to purchase it through sheer curiosity on how it addresses this issue.

Pros or advantages of Moxi adjustable lever for Royal Enfield Bullet

The levers are quite beautifully designed. With their colourful size switcher knob it almost gives the front of the Bullet a badass look. Both the levers have got six size adjustment and you can choose the size to suit your comfort level. The built and the paint is very high quality and will not wear out soon. The clutch lever catches the clutch cable at a comfortable angle so there will be less strain on the clutch cable thereby extending its life. Fairly easy to install and custom fit for every Enfield model.

Cons or issues with Moxi adjustable lever for Royal Enfield Bullet 

Gap problem in Moxi adjustable lever for Royal Enfield Bullet right

Gap problem in Moxi adjustable lever for Royal Enfield Bullet left
Compatibility is the reason I finally decided to return this product. The first time that I ordered, the vendor sent me levers for Pricol system whereas my model uses levers for Brebry system. Second time I purchased, the lever size was smaller than my OEM levers. Third time I purchased I got everything all right except the fact that the master piston socket was so shallow that it permanently depressed the master piston causing the front brakes to jam. Even though I got a way round it, I found that the space between the handlebar and the levers on both sides were uneven. So much so that the space on the left side at its smallest setting was still bigger than the space on the right side at its biggest setting. The seller ensured me that this is the first time they are selling levers for UCE 500 bullet 2013 model, and this is the first time they have faced this problem. So I might be inclined to think that it is a model specific problem. Another issue that I found was that the knob would skip sizes. So if I push sometimes the knob will directly jump from size one to size six. There is also no blocking after size six and if you push more the knob skips over size six and gets stuck. Instead of puling the levers if your push the levers the knob totally becomes loose and starts moving freely. Call it my personal peeve however since I have put a rubber cover over my stock levers, I find the touch of direct metal on my fingers a bit uncomfortable. Maybe that is an area all lever manufacturers can look at.

Further improvements required in Moxi adjustable lever for Royal Enfield Bullet

Looking at the problems above there is a need for consistency and compatibility of levers between various models of Bullet. The manufacturer has to make the turning grooves for the knobs deeper so that it does not skip places. The end of the levers must be blocked so the knob does not slip in the end. Perhaps a rubber cover can be devised for added grip and comfort.

Usage tips for Moxi adjustable lever for Royal Enfield Bullet

In case your front brakes are getting jammed by the lever do not drill the lever. It is a costly affair. Instead grind your master piston as shown in the video above. Master piston comes for maximum hundred rupees and is very easily available. So buy a spare before you make the modification. If you slide the knob over the edge, just push the lever outward and the knob will become loose enough to be easily set to any position.

Where to buy Moxi adjustable lever for Royal Enfield Bullet

Can be bought online. If you are in NCR you can try shops in Karol Bagh.

Price (approx) of Moxi adjustable lever for Royal Enfield Bullet

Rs. 1999/-.