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I am one of those quirky Bulleteers who spend more money on their thumpers than on their wives. Being a bachelor does make the job a lot easier. However I have never being shy of trying out new things on my royal ride. Since the time I got my own bullet, I have steadily experimented with mods.

Mind you these are not mods that aim to change the look of Bullet and make it a “HARDLY Davidson”. No thank you. I very much love the old style charm of Royal Enfield. These are mods that aim to get the best out of your Enfield so that you can break a leg with your ride without literally breaking your leg starting it.

So in the interest of the “Bullet brotherhood”, I am sharing my list of mods that have actually made my Bullet experience better. Please do feel free to post in the comments section any products that you feel deserve mentioning in my list.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stylish keys for Royal Enfield Bullet review

Gun Key Royal Enfield Bullet
Gun Key Royal Enfield Bullet
I know this product is not a performance modification. As a matter of fact it is not even a modification of bullet. But if I was to consider in very technical terms. Key is a part of Bullet and the product though not improving the performance does give your Bull a unique look. Well call it an indulgence (and it very seriously is). I always was rather disappointed by the frail looking key of my burly bull. I tried buying bulky key chains, but they only emphasized the weak look of the key. Finally while googling for better key chains I came across these blank keys.

Pros or advantages of Stylish keys for Royal Enfield Bullet

I am feeling a little embarrassed here, reviewing the pros or cons of a purely cosmetic product. Anyways let me wear the mask of seriousness (while trying hard not to laugh) and jot down the pros. For starters this key can end up being a great conversation starter. Many times people ignore everything else that is experimental on my Bullet and just ask me where I got the key from. Secondly it differentiates your key from every other key lying around in your house or motorcycle workshop. So it is easy to find. And lastly you have one more spare key to lose ;).

Cons or issues with Stylish keys for Royal Enfield Bullet

It will be bulkier than your normal key and odd shapes of some of these keys might make them stick out. Since these keys are fully made of metal if  your motorcycle was hit by a lightning while you were inserting the key you might get electrocuted (notice I said that with a straight face). 

Further improvements required in Stylish keys for Royal Enfield Bullet

I am looking for a flip out key like many of the cars have today. If this could be incorporated along with a security system that auto starts my bull remotely and a GPS location finder which tracks the location of my bull, well it would make the package complete.

Usage tips for Stylish keys for Royal Enfield Bullet

There are lots of these unique key designs available online. From trishul to dagger to swords. So look at all of them before choosing. Not every bullet key has to be 'Son of a Gun'. Look at your key carefully and choose right uncut or left uncut side. Remember you'll get only key blank so you'll need to have shaped to your key design through a key maker. Do not go for computerized key making. It is costlier and you never know if they are storing your key designs or not. Have both sides of your key filed for use. It will help in case one side gets worn with use. After the key is made check both sides of the key on all the locks. It should open them smoothly.

Where to buy Stylish keys for Royal Enfield Bullet

Can be bought online or you can even get it from some local keymakers. 

Price (approx) of Stylish keys for Royal Enfield Bullet

Rs. 200/- - Rs. 400/- for the Key and approx Rs. 200 for key making.