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I am one of those quirky Bulleteers who spend more money on their thumpers than on their wives. Being a bachelor does make the job a lot easier. However I have never being shy of trying out new things on my royal ride. Since the time I got my own bullet, I have steadily experimented with mods.

Mind you these are not mods that aim to change the look of Bullet and make it a “HARDLY Davidson”. No thank you. I very much love the old style charm of Royal Enfield. These are mods that aim to get the best out of your Enfield so that you can break a leg with your ride without literally breaking your leg starting it.

So in the interest of the “Bullet brotherhood”, I am sharing my list of mods that have actually made my Bullet experience better. Please do feel free to post in the comments section any products that you feel deserve mentioning in my list.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Novatronixlabs Indicator lights and hazard system review

Novatronixlabs Indicator lights and hazard system Front
Novatronixlabs Indicator lights
and hazard system Front

I know this has been pending for a long time and I know many of you must be eagerly waiting for its review. The reason why I waited for so long before posting its review is because it is a complex electrical product. I wanted to be absolutely sure that there were no hidden bugs that could potentially ruin the experience of owning these beautiful hazard lights. I can tell you right now that the wait has been totally worth its while and finally I have a product that I can totally rave about. So few reasons why you should invest in these hazard lights over any other LED indicators in the market.

  1. Say you are riding out with your friends and get stuck in a traffic jam. You know they are behind you but you want to signal them your location. Just switch on these babies and you will immediately get noticed.
  2. You are riding in a large group and en route you mix up with another group of riders. You want to signal to your group member to follow you. Just decide on a pattern before the ride and switch it on. Your riders will immediately be able to identify you in the crowd and will follow along.
  3. While riding at night on a highway you can switch these on to make yourself more visible to heavy vehicles.
  4. You are stuck in some remote location and want to signal for help. Use these to catch attention.
  5. During intense fog you can use these to make your vehicle more visible.