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I am one of those quirky Bulleteers who spend more money on their thumpers than on their wives. Being a bachelor does make the job a lot easier. However I have never being shy of trying out new things on my royal ride. Since the time I got my own bullet, I have steadily experimented with mods.

Mind you these are not mods that aim to change the look of Bullet and make it a “HARDLY Davidson”. No thank you. I very much love the old style charm of Royal Enfield. These are mods that aim to get the best out of your Enfield so that you can break a leg with your ride without literally breaking your leg starting it.

So in the interest of the “Bullet brotherhood”, I am sharing my list of mods that have actually made my Bullet experience better. Please do feel free to post in the comments section any products that you feel deserve mentioning in my list.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Bull-LEDs Headlight for Royal Enfield review

Bull LEDs  headlight for Royal Enfield
Bull LEDs  headlight for 
Royal Enfield unpacking

What can be brighter than 4 LED bulbs? 13 LED bulbs!!! Or the maximum number of bulbs that can be fitted inside a 7 inch diameter of Enfield light casing. Even the slight gap on the top and bottom is filled with DRL strips. So what to expect from this 75 watt daymaker? I was quite apprehensive at first. Not because my experience with technical glitches in these LED was not quite satisfactory before (read Onella CREE headlight.) Not even because it was drawing 23 more watts than the 52 watt OEM halogen headlight, but because I was afraid it would be too bright to be driven legally. 
I need not have worried. The system is smartly designed to run only 5 bulbs along with the DRL for low beam. That still makes the headlight quite bright. However not blinding bright for the oncoming traffic. It is when you switch on the high beam that the beam gives its full blast. And then it is so bright that even during the daytime you can see the light reflected in road signs. 
As of writing this article it is the brightest LED headlight option available in India. So choose this if you want to set the road ahead on fire.

Bull LEDs headlight for Royal Enfield Light off
Bull LEDs  headlight for Royal Enfield Light off
Bull LEDs  headlight for Royal Enfield Low Beam
Bull LEDs  headlight for Royal Enfield Low Beam
Bull LEDs  headlight for Royal Enfield High Beam
Bull LEDs  headlight for Royal Enfield High Beam

Pros or advantages of of Bull-LEDs Headlight for Royal Enfield

Brightest LED headlight available in India for Royal Enfield Bullet. Low beam has evenly distributed light which is not blinding. High beam has a very focused far throwing light very good for tours on straight highways. Very easy installation, which any competent mechanic should be able to do. All functions including passing light and DRL works. Design looks futuristic.

Cons or disadvantages of Bull-LEDs Headlight for Royal Enfield

Very pricey. Low beam has an intense light spot that falls 5 feet in the front. It might be designed purposely to light the road immediately in front better; however I found it a bit distracting. The high beam has a very focused light. Though it intensely highlights the road in front of you, due to the narrow focus the surrounding light is not as much. The headlight can be tight for some headlight cases. If you try to install the headlight shade also, closing the case can be an impossible task. For comfortably fitting this headlight on your bullet you might therefore need to purchase aftermarket front rim of the bullet headlight case with more depth. Consumes 75 watts on high beam.

Further improvements required in Bull-LEDs Headlight for Royal Enfield

The manufacturer can improve the light distribution even better so that it is more spread out. Adding angel eye instead of strip DRL will improve looks.

Usage tips for Bull-LEDs Headlight for Royal Enfield

The only thing to check in these lights is whether it is comfortably fitting in your headlight case. In case it does not you might want to try some aftermarket spares. I personally like my DRL to be set with the parking function as it does not require any cutting of wires. You can even chose to have your DRL on by connecting it directly to ignition.

Where to buy Bull-LEDs Headlight for Royal Enfield

Can be bought online from Bull LED’s. Delhi NCR people can buy it cheaper from Chawla Auto spares in Karol Bagh (Risk Alert Chawla does not provide any guarantee warranty or replacement policy. Please check all functions at the shop before purchasing).

Price (approx) of Bull-LEDs Headlight for Royal Enfield

Rs. 9999/- from Bull LED’s
Rs. 7500/- from Chawla Auto spares